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Drainage & Erosion Solutions Provided by American Landscaping

We eliminate your water runoff issues.

American Landscaping offers permanent and temporary drainage solutions to both Commercial and Residential properties.  We can do trenching and pumping for immediate water run-off.  Once we evaluate your property, we will offer the best solution to resolve your problem. With decades of expertise, we tackle diverse drainage and erosion issues with intelligent solutions. Our expert assessment ensures a trusted and cost-effective plan for your needs. Drawing on extensive engineering skills, we utilize top techniques and materials—underground drainage pipes, catch basins, retaining walls, land grading, swales, dry riverbeds, wells, French drains, and more—to tailor solutions for your project.

If you have a drainage or erosion issue in Maryland, contact American Landscaping and we can help you effectively and safely design a plan to guide water away from your home or yard.

 Here are some of the most common drainage services we implement or install to resolve permanent or temporary drainage issues.

Recharge Chambers
Efficiently manage stormwater runoff and recharge groundwater with our state-of-the-art recharge chambers.

Dry Wells
Prevent water pooling and improve drainage with our expertly installed dry wells.

Rain Tanks
Harvest rainwater for irrigation and reduce water usage with our innovative rain tanks.

Rain Gardens
Create an eco-friendly and visually appealing solution to manage rainwater with our captivating rain gardens.

Window Wells, Extensions, or Clean Out
Ensure proper drainage around windows with our window well services, including extensions and cleanouts.

Drain Boxes
Optimize water runoff with our professionally installed drain boxes for effective drainage solutions.

Downspout Extensions
Redirect water away from your property’s foundation with our downspout extensions.

Sump Pump Extensions, Below or Above Ground
Keep your basement dry with expertly installed sump pump extensions above or below ground.

French Drains
Prevent water damage and erosion with our reliable French drain installations.

Shape and level your terrain to optimize water drainage and prevent erosion.

Parging Foundations
Protect and enhance the appearance of your foundation with our expert parging services.

Manage stormwater runoff effectively with our engineered swales.

Rip-rap Stone Beds
Strengthen and stabilize soil erosion-prone areas with our rip-rap stone beds.

Silt Fence
Control sediment and erosion during construction or landscaping projects with our silt fence installations.

Super Silt Fence
A advanced super silt fence provides enhanced protection against sediment runoff.

Gutter Buddy
The innovative Gutter Buddy system keeps gutters clean and clog-free.

Retaining Walls
Adding retaining walls is another way to prevent erosion. Retaining walls done right can also add to the appeal of a landscape area.

Stormwater Facility Maintenance
Ensure proper functioning and compliance of stormwater facilities with our expert maintenance services.

 No matter what drainage or erosion problems you may be facing, you can count on American Landscaping to provide the correct solution and professionally address the situation. Call us today for help with your drainage or erosion problems! ➤ (301) 384-4486

Drainage & Erosion Solutions by American Landscaping Inc.
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