Maryland Tree Care Services 

Maryland Tree Care

American Landscaping Inc is a Maryland-licensed tree professional company that provides complete tree services to homeowners, property management companies, and commercial clients.   Proper tree pruning helps maintain the health and appearance of your trees.  American Landscaping Inc. puts your trees in the hands of our well-trained tree care experts.

The tree care services we provide include:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Deep Root Feeding


Tree & Shrub Care Services

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
When it’s time to bid farewell to a tree on your property, our professional tree removal and stump grinding experts are here to handle the task efficiently and safely. Our skilled team of tree experts are equipped with the expertise and specialized equipment to safely remove trees of any size carefully, ensuring the protection of your surroundings during the process. Once the tree is removed, our stump grinding service comes into play, effectively eliminating any trace of the tree’s presence. Stump grinding not only enhances the aesthetics of your landscape but also prevents potential hazards and obstacles. Trust our experienced team to take care of all aspects of tree removal and stump grinding, leaving your property clear and ready for new landscaping opportunities. Rely on us for a seamless and hassle-free tree removal experience, ensuring the safety and beauty of your outdoor space.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services
Elevate the health and elegance of your trees with our professional tree trimming and pruning services. With our skilled tree professionals, your trees receive meticulous attention to detail as we carefully remove dead or overgrown branches, promoting proper growth and shape. Our expert arborists will evaluate each tree’s unique needs, ensuring that the trimming and pruning techniques are tailored to its species and condition. We enhance the tree’s overall health through precise trimming, allowing sunlight and air circulation to reach the inner branches. Count on our team to maintain your trees’ beauty and structural integrity, fostering a thriving and visually stunning landscape. With our tree trimming and pruning experts, your trees will flourish and remain a standout feature in your outdoor space.

Maryland Tree Inspections
Concerned about your tree’s stability and overall health? Our tree experts are trained to spot structural defects that could lead to potential tree failure. We evaluate trees for decay, weak branches, cracks, poor architecture, root issues, etc. Older trees are especially susceptible to wood decay, requiring careful evaluation and necessary remedial treatments to minimize risks. If a tree poses a high risk, we offer pruning, structural supports (tree cabling), and tree removal to maintain safety on your property. Your tree’s health and safety are our top priorities.

Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Services in Maryland
When severe weather strikes and your property is affected by fallen or damaged trees, our Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Teams are ready to rescue you. Our skilled team of tree experts are well-equipped to handle the aftermath of storms, swiftly clearing away fallen branches, uprooted trees, and debris. With safety as our top priority, we meticulously assess and remove hazardous tree limbs, protecting your property and loved ones. Our prompt response and efficient cleanup efforts aim to restore normalcy to your outdoor space as quickly as possible. Count on our Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Team to bring order back to your landscape, alleviating the stress and hazards caused by storm-related tree damage. We are here to support you in safeguarding your property and rejuvenating its natural beauty after nature’s fury.

Deadwooding – Reviving the Vitality of Your Trees
Our deadwooding service focuses on restoring the health and appearance of your trees by selectively removing dead, dying, or diseased branches. These lifeless limbs detract from the tree’s aesthetics and pose safety hazards, especially during storms. Our skilled arborists meticulously inspect the tree, identifying and carefully pruning away the deadwood while preserving the healthy branches. Removing these lifeless parts promotes new growth and allows more sunlight and air circulation throughout the tree’s canopy. Trust our experts to enhance the vitality of your trees, ensuring they remain a flourishing and visually appealing asset to your landscape. With our attention to detail and commitment to tree care, your trees will thrive and provide a safe and beautiful environment for years to come.

Shrub Care Services
Our Maryland expert shrub care services, are tailored to keep your landscape vibrant and well-maintained all year round. Our skilled team provides comprehensive care for your shrubs, ensuring their health, growth, and appearance. From regular pruning and shaping to promoting blooming with appropriate fertilization, we go the extra mile to enhance the beauty and longevity of your shrubs. Our services also include pest and disease management to protect your shrubs from potential threats. In early spring, oil treatment is applied to prevent insects, and slow-release fertilizer application is applied for healthy root development and leaf growth. In the fall, we can perform root injection of fertilizer for shrubs. In summer, we focus on insect and disease prevention treatments based on each shrub’s needs. For the winter months, we provide specialized treatments and wrap methods for winter care to protect shrubs during the harsh winter weather. With our team of dedicated shrub experts, your landscape will flourish and add charm to your outdoor space. Trust us to provide the professional attention your shrubs deserve and make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Shrub Removal Services
When it’s time to remove unwanted or overgrown shrubs from your landscape in Maryland, our professional shrub removal team is here to assist you. Our skilled experts ensure the safe and efficient removal of shrubs, including their roots, leaving your outdoor space clear and ready for new landscaping possibilities. Whether you’re looking to replace shrubs with new plantings, eliminate diseased or damaged shrubs, or redesign your garden, our team is ready to provide a hassle-free solution. We handle the entire removal process with meticulous attention to safety and precision, leaving your property clean and unblemished. Trust our expertise and experience in shrub removal, and let us transform your landscape according to your vision and preferences. We are committed to delivering top-notch services, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every aspect of our work.

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Maryland Tree Care
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