Bamboo Removal and Containment

Bamboo Removal and Containment by American Landscaping Inc.

Bamboo is a vigorous and fast-growing plant that most either love or hate. It can be difficult to maintain because it is very hardy and invasive.  Bamboo is sold in garden centers and nurseries throughout the area typically with no warning about its invasive tendency and no mention on how to contain or control.

Running bamboo can be a big problem for homeowners who may not realize that most species are invasive if left unmanaged. Some varieties can overtake landscape spaces very quickly and may require a professional landscaper to get it under control. Running bamboo travels underground by Rhizomes.  Some of these “running” types of bamboo spread quickly and can even overtake your or your neighbor’s areas causing unwanted disputes.

Bamboo Rhizomes do have the potential to damage property by pushing through brickwork, stone, retaining walls, and patios. It can strangle and clog drains and pipes and can even enter cracks causing damage to concrete and other structures. Often extensive damage occurs before homeowners are even aware that the bamboo has reached different areas.

Bamboo has many species and if you are considering planting it you should consider choosing a clumping variety rather than running types that are very invasive.  It is highly recommended that bamboo is planted in pots or a bed that is lined with a strong vertical root barrier designed to contain it.

At American Landscaping Inc. we have extensive experience dealing with bamboo planting, removal, and containment. If you or your neighbor have invasive bamboo you should consider containing it now before it becomes a problem, or the problem worsens. Our professional staff will offer sound solutions and provide visually pleasing ways to include bamboo in your landscape space.

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Maryland Bamboo Removal & Containment by American Landscaping Inc.
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