The cold weather is once again upon us in Maryland. Now is the time to make sure all your outdoor landscape needs are complete or scheduled before Old Man Winter brings ice and snow to our area. Don’t forget your trees! Yes, getting the leaves up and the fall clean-up is important, but you need to be sure you check the trees in your yard or landscape area. Maryland is the host for a wide variety of different tree types. Some are hardy and some more delicate. But even the best tree can have issues when the harsh winter weather hits. We’ve put together some of the typical issues that your trees may face in the Maryland area.

Ice and snow can be a big problem for many trees. After a heavy snowfall or ice storm tree branches can become damaged by the weight of the snow and ice causing them to crack or break. Before fall arrives ensure your trees are properly pruned to reduce the chances of limbs falling or possibly bringing an entire tree down from the weight of snow and ice. If you are not sure ask a landscape expert to inspect your trees before the ice and snow season arrives.

Another danger for trees in Maryland is root and trunk damage. Ensure the proper amount of mulch is around your trees. Remember you don’t want the mulch piled too high or right up against the trees trunk. Also, make sure the water drains properly around your trees. If water tends to pool around your trees you need to discuss having the grading addressed by a landscape company. Too much water can cause root rot and deterioration.  Your trees need healthy roots to support them standing strong and absorbing nutrients.

Wind is another concern for trees during the winter months. Storms bring powerful winds and coupled with cold temperatures can cause serious damage to trees. Ensure proper pruning is performed in the fall to remove unhealthy branches or branches that can damage your home or other structures.

American Landscaping Inc. landscape experts are knowledgeable about the local trees and able to quickly identify potential problems for the trees in your landscape. If you are looking for advice on what to do winterize your landscape or need help with your trees call our office to schedule your free evaluation and estimate.  American Landscaping Inc. provides service for residential and commercial customers.