American Landscaping Fall Bulb Planting

With a little planning, you can plant flowering bulbs to provide spectacular color in the spring. Bulbs are a great and easy way to breathe new life into your landscape in the spring.  If you are considering planting bulbs here are few tips to get the job done now.

Ornamental bulbous plants or also called bulbs are unique plants that can lose their upper greenery during harsh conditions such as cold winter weather or the drought of the summer heat. The bulb will store its nutrients in its main root system (the bulb) which allows it to survive these harsh conditions in a dormant state. Bulbs such as tulips and daffodils typically produce vibrant colors in early spring and can be used in just about any landscape.

Spring blooming bulbs should be planted in October and November when the soil temperatures have cooled. When choosing bulbs look for plump firm bulbs. Bulbs that are soft or mushy or have mold growing on them are the ones you should avoid.  Most bulbs do best in full sun receiving at least 4-6 hours of sun a day. Fertile soil that is well drained is best. It is important that you choose the right locations for your bulbs or even the healthiest bulbs will fail.

Make sure you plant the bulbs at the right depth. A good rule of thumb is to place each bulb into a hole that is two to three times deeper than the bulb is tall. If you have a three-inch bulb place it in a hole six to nine inches deep. Remember this is the rule of thumb some bulbs may have exceptions so check the planting guidelines. Your landscape expert will know and be able to make sure your plantings are placed at the proper depth. Next, make sure you place the bulb in the right orientation in the ground. The bulb will have a pointed end this should be pointed up if you can’t tell which end is pointed look for roots and they should be at the bottom.

Make sure the soil is full of organic matter. Plant the bulbs in holes with some of this soil to ensure great blooms. Another good idea is to place mulch over your planted bulb beds to prevent weeds from stealing important nutrients in the spring blooming period. The last step is to water well. Bulbs are plants and it is important that you water the planted areas well to encourage the bulbs to send out and quickly establish good roots. The water will help remove pockets of air sometimes trapped during planting.

Plan your bulb plantings carefully. Many times, bulbs look best when they are planted in big groups or in non-uniformed patterns throughout the landscape area. Place taller bulbs in the back with shorter growing bulbs towards the front.

A little work in the fall is rewarded with an abundant array of beautiful flowers in the spring.

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