Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation may be needed for a variety of reasons, bare areas, sparse areas, excess weed population, deterioration caused by shading from tree growth.  Whatever the reason now is the time to get your plan in place so you are ready to begin your renovation. A complete lawn renovation should be taken seriously and should not be performed unless the proper steps are taken to correct the underlying problem of the turf deterioration.

There can be many reasons for a lawn to be in poor condition and it is important to fully understand the problem or problems that have caused the turf to perform poorly. Some examples of problems that need to be understood could be drought conditions, too much shade, drainage problems, lack of or improper fertilization, compacted soil conditions, disease, too much thatch, improper mowing, insects, acidic soil conditions, or simply the wrong type of turf for the area. Most of these problems can be addressed with a lawn renovation project. However, it is important that you know exactly what the problems are before you start.

It is recommended that you perform a soil test of the area that is being considered for renovation. A soil test will provide you with valuable information about the soil and how the area should be treated. 

Each lawn renovation project is different, in some cases bare areas can be treated and the existing grass can be treated to bring the area to acceptable conditions. However, if the area in need of renovation has serious problems it may be necessary to pretty much start from scratch. Removal of the existing turf, dethatching, lime application, weed control, insect control or addressing shade issues or drainage problems. Spreading topsoil or other compost type material may be considered. Then planting of new seed or sod or planting ground cover where areas simply will not sustain grass might be considered depending on the situation, condition or location.

A lawn renovation project done right can bring beauty and provide a welcoming atmosphere. Preparing and understanding the root cause of the failed lawn is key. Following the right steps and using the right type or types of turf is also very important. Obviously, proper watering, mowing, and ferritization will allow a newly renovated lawn to flourish.  

If you are considering a lawn or turf renovation job contact us at American Landscaping Inc. We would be very happy to provide you with information on the steps to return your landscape back to its intended beautiful condition.

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