Landscape Grading

Landscape and yard grading is very important and in some cases, can be an owner’s biggest nightmare. Having the land properly graded will allow for water run off to prevent major water issues down the road. Proper grading is a concern for any property owner. When a yard is sloping towards a house or dwelling it becomes a definite concern for water problems.

When considering any project such as additions, patios, and new beds you should always consider the impact it will have on your existing water flow.  For any project, the goal is to have the yard or landscape slope away from the house and or any structures. A good plan is needed to get the job done right. You can work with your professional landscape company to make sure your project will be enjoyed and not cause future water issues. Be sure to have Ms. Utility mark for any underground wires and utilities before any re-grading or digging is performed.

An experienced landscape company will provide meaningful solutions to any problem areas. Now is a good time for retaining walls, additions, and other landscape features. Make your concerns known and provide any ideas or wishes so that the landscape company can address them.

Pay close attention to high points and low points. Dirt can be added or removed to achieve your goal. The goal is to change the angle of any slopes to control water runoff in the proper direction.

Once the grading is completed you will need to plant new grass, trees, shrubs, and other plantings or structures to stabilize the area. Grading a landscape or yard, if done properly, can be easy with the right professional leading the way. Performing grading during the summer months is a perfect time because the ground is typically dry and can be properly regraded and compacted.  Save money now by getting the grading right and prevent opening your wallet later after damaging water causes problems.

If you are considering a grading project in your yard or commercial landscape, contact American Landscaping Inc. We have experienced professionals who can assist in the planning and get your property graded right!

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