Watering Plants, Lawns, Tree & Shrubs

Plants rely on water but when should you water? The most important thing to know is to pay attention to the conditions. The problem is that there are no specific rules for watering. It will depend on the type of plants, the soil conditions, weather, time of year, and if the plants are established or newly planted.

When watering it is best to water slowly to allow the water to absorb into the earth. Water only when needed so it’s important to watch automatic timers and drip systems carefully when rainfall is abundant. Too much water will cause root rot which is just as damaging to plants as not enough water.

It is a good idea to water in the mornings. This gives time for the moisture on the leaves of the plants to dry out before the heat of the sun causes the water on the leaves to heat up and burn the leaves. Watering at night can bring on diseases and fungus.  Water deeply and thoroughly when watering.  Heavy watering, as opposed to frequent watering, is best.  Unless the lawn is newly seeded or sodded frequent watering will not be needed. Lawns and annuals concentrate their roots in the top 6” of the soil, for shrubs and trees, it’s the top 12”. If you not sure how well you are watering use a shovel and dig down and check the moisture level of the soil.

Make use of today’s watering devices. Automated sprinkler systems come with an array of sprinkler heads to get the job done right for different locations and watering needs. Soaker hoses have their place for precise watering. If your old school a simple yard sprinkler will work fine as well.

If you’re not sure about your watering simply ask a professional landscaper. It’s what we do and our landscape experts will provide you with the right instructions for your landscape!


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