Maryland Lawn Care

Lawn areas are generally the largest areas of your home or businesses landscape. It is that beautiful green framework for flower beds, walkways, patios, and courtyards. A healthy, properly maintained lawn prevents soil erosion and provides a nice pleasant view and resilient area for recreation and activities.

Maintaining this key area of your landscape requires a professional touch. Keeping your lawn or grassy area functional and aesthetically pleasing is important but this takes more than just bags of fertilizer. A skilled landscaper will inspect your lawn, take a soil sample, and help you determine the proper type of grass that will thrive in your landscape area. There are grasses that do better in full sun compared to shady areas and a professional landscaper will provide you with the right choices and mixes. 


Another key to having a winning lawn is irrigation. Watering properly and drainage can make or break a lawn. Newly established lawns should be watered during our long hot summers. Healthy established lawns will tolerate the long hot summers and bounce back when cooler temperatures and rain return.  Experienced landscapers can provide you with the advice for your situation.


Mowing the grass is the single most important aspect that many people disregard and shouldn’t take lightly. Did you know that leaving the grass a little longer, 3-4”, when mowing can reduce the need for water consumption and will reduce weed growth? Cutting with sharp lawn mower blades can affect the overall look of a lawn also. Hiring a landscaper that provides a mowing maintenance program will ensure the grass in your landscape is always the proper height to provide a healthier lawn. Without a regular mowing plan, the grass can grow too long and when cut can actually harm the grass. Proper height and a regular schedule will produce a beautiful lawn.  A professional landscaper will change the direction the lawn is cut each week to keep your lawn looking nice.

Feeding & Lawn Fertilization

Many people think fertilizing a lawn is something that will simply “Green Up” the grass. This is not the case and fertilizing a lawn is tricky business. Generally, a company licensed to apply fertilizer will recommend a regiment of three treatments per year in the Maryland area. Each treatment will be based on a soil analysis which will be taken every three years as required by the Nutrient Management Law.  It is important that your landscaper is adhering to the local laws and regulations.

Producing a beautiful lawn requires careful planning and a good knowledge of the right grass types for your lawn. A proper lawn program for maintenance and lawn repair is also important. A professional lawn landscaping company many times will save you hours and hours of time, headaches and money.

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