Planning a landscape layout is key to achieving the right look and feel for any outdoor area. In the Maryland area, it is important that you chose the right types of trees to highlight a given landscape. Maryland Trees American Landscaping Inc.Trees take time to grow and mature before they show off their natural beauty. Many times, we see the wrong types of trees planted, only to be cut down and removed several years later for one reason or another. Knowing what and when to plant as well as how it will look is an art. A tree will thrive when it is planted in the right place. Many aspects need to be considered such as soil type, the sun, proximity to structures and other trees, etc.

American Landscaping Inc. has provided landscape services since 1975. Our trained landscapers can help you design and implement a landscape that will provide not only a visually pleasing area but also one that is easy to maintain and will last for many years to come.

Below are a few tree types that are used in Maryland landscapes and generally do well in the Maryland climate. It is important to note that each tree type can vary and you should discuss the differences with your landscaper / arborist. The list below is a very small sampling of what thrives well in Maryland and throughout the mid-Atlantic area.


Smaller Trees:

Crabapple – Height: 15′-35′, Spread: 10′-25′

Dogwood – Height: 12’-20’, Spread: 10’-20’

Holly – Height: 15′-30′, Spread: 18′-25′

Magnolia – 10’ – 20’, Spread: 10’-20’

Redbud – Height: 20′-30′, Spread: 25′-30′


Larger Trees:

Baldcypress – Height 50′-70′, spread 20′-30′

Beech – Height: 50′-100′, Spread: 50′-70′

Elm – Height 60′-80′, spread 50′-80′

Maple, Red – Height: 40′-60′, Spread: 30’ – 50’

Oak, Pin – Height: 60′-70′, Spread: 25′-40′

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