Flagstone is an excellent material choice for a patio, walkway or outdoor project. Flagstone is a relatively easy material with which to work. Flagstone can be used in a wide variety of landscape projects such as backyard patios, seating areas, walls, paths, and walkways. The natural stone look is always a favorite and flagstone is available in many different color blends such as browns, blues, golds, and grays. Flagstone thicknesses and shapes can vary because it is a natural product.   

Flagstone Patio by American Landscaping Inc.

No two flagstone projects will ever look exactly the same because you are using a natural material. Colors are not uniform and if you use randomly shaped flagstones each design will be unique. The stone layout requires a keen eye to select the right flagstone for each placement. Color shades and shapes are taken into consideration. Expert stonemasons make the job look easy; however, the selection of each piece takes a trained eye to create the right look for each project.

There are many materials available to create outdoor spaces but nothing is more traditional than flagstone.

American Landscaping Inc. has expert stone masons that can create a beautiful outdoor living space with flagstone. We can design and help you determine the right shape and layout for your project. With our experience as stone masons, we can assist you in choosing the right stone type and color that will compliment your home. If you are considering a flagstone patio or walkway project, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with an estimate.

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