falllawncareFall is the perfect time to get your landscaping in order so you can enjoy a vibrant garden and lawn year-round.  Now is the time to prepare your landscape for the harsh winter months as well as for springtime gardening and lawn care.

At American Landscaping Inc., we welcome the opportunity to help you get your landscape ready and prepared for the long Maryland winter. For over four decades, we have been providing our landscaping services to homeowners as well as business owners in the area to ensure clients have a beautiful landscape year-round. Below are a few helpful Fall time tips to help ensure your landscape stays healthy all year.

Fall is the Time for Planting

Fall is the perfect time to re-evaluate your landscape, as well as add new additions to your landscape. Planting in the fall allows your new plantings to establish a good root system taking advantage of the cooler weather. Planting now, in Fall, gives your new plantings a head start on next year’s growing season. The American Landscaping Inc. Arborists are able to help you determine what might be the right choice for new additions to your landscape. We can provide you a wide variety of options and get them started this Fall in preparation for a wonderful Spring.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall season lawn care can make or break your lawn for the whole year. Now is the time to have core aeration performed. This procedure pulls plugs of soil cores from the ground which allows both water and oxygen to reach your grass’s root system. Aeration allows for a deeper root system to take hold. Grass with a healthy root system is able to better resist Maryland’s long hot summers. At American Landscaping Inc., our professionals have the proper turf aeration tools to properly perform this task.

Along with aeration, feeding your lawn will also help build a better lawn. Using the right Fall fertilizer will provide your turf with the right nutrients. Remember Maryland’s laws have changed regarding fertilizer and our licensed professionals can assist you in this area to ensure your grass is taken care of the right way.

Fall Pruning & Clean Up

Fall is the time to perform proper pruning of dead or diseased branches and limbs from trees and shrubs. Removing them and pruning during the Fall can protect the plant and structures from falling branches during the winter months. Generally, we cut most perennials to the ground for Winter and remove any annuals.

Fall Plant Protection

One of the best things you can do for your plants is to make sure they are well watered going into the winter.  Plants with well-hydrated root systems will tolerate the long cold winters better.  Deer netting can be put around plants in the fall to help protect against deer feeding.

Fall Mulch

Mulching is important not only for a wonderful fall and winter appearance but also to protect trees and shrubs. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch is usually used to ensure that the roots of your shrubs and plants are protected. Our professional landscapers prepare any beds, trees, and grounds prior to mulching to ensure any debris and unwanted material is removed. Our landscapers also take great care to avoid piling mulch against any tree trunks or shrubs which can cause damage.

Maintaining a residential or commercial landscape takes lots of care and time. A well-manicured and planned out landscape can speak volumes about your property or business. So with the old man Winter quickly approaching, there is no reason to neglect your landscape now. Yearly landscaping maintenance is important. However, Fall is especially an important time to prepare and also plan for the whole year. 

American Landscaping Inc. is a full-service landscaping company. We have professionals that are skilled in the art of landscaping as well as the maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. We are committed and dedicated to our work, creativity, quality, and service. Please contact us for your all your landscaping needs.